Small knit toys; so small and so dear they tag along in pockets, sleep on pillows, and held in small hands.
Inanimate friends in this foreign land, made for the refugees that have left the country they loved to land that I love.
Made from simple materials, simple tools with one simple message.

We appreciate and welcome you.



Woodland Collection


Enter the habitat and walk quietly…

Justin Beaver

Poster child for the woodland animals.

Domestic Urchin Hedgehog

Rub my belly and give me a bath.

Field Scout Mouse

Scurry, hurry, bury.

Sally Ride Owl

First female in space. Ride, Sally Ride.

My Frog Skip

Because every kid needs a hero.

Woodland Urchin Hedgehog

Mischievous and rather unkempt.

Chet Cool Cat

Cool daddio. Real cool.

Orville Wright Owl

Invention of flight, free and controlled.

Fantastic Fox

Smarts is the name of the game.

Señor Don Gato Cat

Fluffy cute and nice and fat.

Chuck Yeager Owl

Breaking sound barriers in flight.

Amelia Earhart Owl

First female aviator to fly solo.



Knitting Patterns coming soon.

If you’d like to be a test knitter please contact me. I would love your help.

Patterns will be available on my site and on Ravelry. Small pattern sales will go directly to RISSE. The only profit I receive are smiles from children.
(And hopefully from you!)