Field Notes

Botanical Dyeing

[ A fiend with a pair of snippers and a dye pot. ]


Goldenrod dyed protein and cellulose fibers
Hide and Seek in Goldenrod field

Late summer, early fall goldenrod.

When days become shorter, best thing for it —
games of hide and seek before the sun goes down

Fields of Gold blouse - top detail

Purple Basil

Purple Basil Dye Plant

A constant giver in the dye pot. A nice little sidegig for salads and pastas.
And used on silk…oh but a dream.

Lupine & Borage

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day. With three borage plants I gather this much twice a day, navigating between the bees. I love bees, so much. I respect them and ask them to keep coming back.

Readying all parts of this plant. Starflowers for off-season ice dyeing, plant stalk and leaves for glaze trials and root for dyeing. I don’t expect to get the color that I would with alkanet but I’ll hope for a little sumpin sumpin.

Cultivating Botanicals for Ceramics
(Ash Glazes)

[ Silica + Alumina ]

Scotch Thistle

(invasive species)