The Beautiful and the Damned

F. Scott was one of my first loves. His work is decadent and painful and carries you off to a dreamy state. Far too many times I wished I had lived in the turn of the century with all it’s movement and burst of life. I do think this time that we’re living in can be though as romantic as we’d like to make it! And so this is my nod.


The time may come where you will need to do a soft launder because of changes in the environment or just age (ie. dust – hey, we all have it). The secret to washing wool is understanding the cause of shrinking. 1. Abrasion 2. Extreme temperature change. Wool is one of the mightiest fibers that can withstand a lot but let’s take it easy.

Gently introduce your woven piece into a tub bigger than the piece with a light detergent or none at all if you just want to rinse off dust. I love Eucalyn which cleans and adds lanolin (a natural oil found in wool), but if you don’t want to purchase this I have also found Dr. Bronner’s works really well. Try to avoid commercial laundry detergent as this has some pretty heavy ingredients. If you must raise the temperature do this slowly. Try not to agitate or scrub. Gentle swishing is great and soaking is also fine but try to avoid long periods. I did not dye this or have tested the strength of the dyes and would recommend keeping a watchful eye. Rinse evenly and lay flat on a couple towels underneath and below. Roll loosely to gently move the water out or lay flat and push down gently. Moving to a mesh screen to help circulate the air is best but if you don’t have one, changing with fresh dry towels works. Once it feels mostly dry you can hang again and let it continue to dry.

Don’t be scared, but if you are, please contact me and I’ll help you be brave! I wash and boil and dye wool all day long I’ve become a brave pro!


Custom orders are also welcome but will require the making time that may be up to 3-4 weeks. Please reach out so I can work a timeline with you. I love making these!



Handmade. Woven.

Wall hanging

Made from premium vintage yarns of a wool/cotton plyed yarn that gives so much texture in tone and texture, silk and metallic lamé thread and hemp/cotton warp strings. This piece was inspired from my very deep love of the Roaring 20’s. It is gauzy and light with sumptious drape. If this was a dress it would be just the right amount of scandalous.