Daily Pass


This is a great option to try out ceramics without a solid class commitment or come in outside of time if you’d like to check on your work or do trimming or carvings. In offering this time it is important that you call, text or email to schedule a time when I will be there as no studio space or materials are allowed without me physically there.

DAILY PASS (please call in advance)
1.5 hours + $15 additional hours (2 hours max)

Location: The Artists’ Palette
17-19 South Broad, Norwich, NY

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Class takers will sign in before the beginning of each class as an additional proof of payment to me as a small business owner. Aptly named after a two Sarah buddy system that both attempted a “friendly fraud” to my business, in the same class. Can you believe it? It’s sadly just a new precaution for me.


If you see a charge from this site, this is what you signed up for, and this is that class.