Pre-Registration Handbuilding with Kilnless Clay


2 weeks

Location: West Elm Albany

Coming in January!
To Be Announced Soon
Sunday 11a–2pm


Adult Class. Developed as a 2 week intro intensive, you will develop a sense of clay construction through different techniques focused primarily on the table with handbuilding (slab, pinch and coil pot). Projects will vary, made as a group, making decorative pieces and gifts. Certainly there is much to plan ahead for gifts, Valentines Day, St. Patty’s, Easter, Mothers Day. I love planning ahead for Spring!

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Did you like making mud pies…or do you secretly squish
your hands in mud, bread dough and/or playdough? It’s okay if you do because I proudly admit I like it. Whether you want to have at it on the wheel or roll, coil or pinch clay to submission have we got some programs for you!



By the time I reached middle school I really wanted to learn the wheel. I loved it so much that my dad made me my first wheel and I owned a small kiln. During my time in Berkeley, CA I became a member to a really amazing community studio that forever influenced how well studios should run. Moving back to NYC I taught beginning potters so that after little over an hour they could walk away with a treasure thrown on the wheel. If the wheel seems intimidating, you prefer to sit at a table with clay, or legs and back might limit this activity, handbuilding has a huge place in my heart. It reigns with technical simplicity and exudes a charm not often found on the wheel.




Class takers will sign in before the beginning of each class as an additional proof of payment to me as a small business owner. Aptly named after a two Sarah buddy system that both attempted a “friendly fraud” to my business, in the same class. Can you believe it? It’s sadly just a new precaution for me.


If you see a charge from this site, this is what you signed up for, and this is that class.