Pre-Registration Natural Dyeing with Indigo


Location: West Elm Albany

Coming in January!
To Be Announced Soon
Sunday 11a–2pm

Adult Class. Space is limited.

Feeling the blues this January has a whole new meaning.

Experience the most mystical pigment on this earth. You will learn the (simplified) organic chemistry behind this robust botanical dye. With a kinetic understanding, you certainly will fall in love and embrace the term “indigo white” and why it means everything to the way this dye molecule is truly one of a kind.

While elbow deep in the dye vat, I will also share some history behind this plant. Land challenged, laws made and broken, risks taken, it’s value and why Indigo has been going strong for about 1,600 years. My small book collection will be available to look at during the class for any questions you might have.

Traditional Japanese printmaking resist techniques such as Shibori [meaning: to wring, squeeze, press] and Katazome with rice paste will be demonstrated as well as dip dyeing for soft blends.

Please bring up to [2] clean small items such as a dish towel, napkin, scarf or pillowcase that you would like dyed and walk away with a tote as my gift to encourage less plastic in our landfills.


*Personal note: the garment shown in this image is made from my small batch indigo grown in Central New York this past summer.

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