With all pieces cut the welding expert will lock this design together. It's the end of November, 2016, only a few short days after Thanksgiving. Between sheets of rain, we packed the car with the cut steel frames and plans, en route to the welding studio just a short drive down the county road. As a craftsman I take great satisfaction watching a skill I admire and something if I had had enough time and credits would have pursued in art school.

Like most building projects, the gas kiln started and ended with a jig just right for the job.  When I was first asked what type of kiln I wanted I had only dreamy visions of what it would look like. I wanted the kiln to either look that of my first studio in Central NY; a large walk-in style with bricks laid and sealed at each use, or even better the classic grand piece of art and architecture with arched brickwork. And though, I know my