Macrame Workshop


Location: West Elm Albany

Sunday January 28


Space is limited. Includes materials.


We’ve all moved into our New Year’s routines but if you’re anything like me and still pine for the holidays, you just might be looking for sweet ways to dress your home and get together. I propose to you, let’s get back to working with our hands and make something for St. Valentine’s Day! Sit at our table and learn how to make this sweet pennant shape that can be replicated in any material, any size and in any context. For this project, we’re making a chain of triangle pennants with enough material to go home to make this as a 6′ garland.

Where would you like to hang this? Over your bed, at your dining table, closet doors, maybe lauding an upcoming birthday?

*You’re welcome to stay long past this time and enjoy our couches and chat with one another.

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