Succulent Terrarium Workshop with Pat Salhoff


Location: West Elm Albany

Sunday March 11


Space is limited. Includes instruction, plants and mixture. Containers not included for aesthetic flexibility. There will be curated garden pots to choose from as well as West Elm terrariums and creative containers to gather in-store. The importance of the right type of soil, light, and drainage will be covered to spur the Constant Gardener in you so you can go on and make container after container.


As a personal note, I’d like to share a little bit about my aunt who I think is pretty amazing! She has been gardening for nearly 40 years alongside with my uncle Don and learned so much from her Grandmother, my Scottish Great-Grandmother that could bring almost anything back to life. Pat is primarily a perennial gardener with a passion for iris, daylilies and hostas. She’s constantly searching for new and unusual plants, trees and shrubs to try out in the yard, and is, quite frankly, addicted to plants.

Pat has been a member of the Hudson Adirondack Daylily Society for 26 years and a charter member of the Capital Hudson Iris Society. She’s also a long time member of the Upstate NY Hosta Society. Don and she are American Hemerocallis Society garden judges (which I think is so awesome!). Summers are usually spent visiting daylily gardens in the Northeast and other areas of the US and Canada.

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