Natural Dye (Wooden Easter Eggs)


Location: West Elm Albany

Thursday March 8


Space is very limited. Includes materials.

Introducing our first Mommy + Me workshop in honor of International Women’s Day! With Easter only a few short weeks away I decided to take on this fun little nugget of a class dyeing entirely with natural dyes. Most of which you can find in your kitchen and gardens and all will last for years and years to come! These will be a bit more rugged than those beautiful Ukrainian eggs (that I loved making!) deciding on wood. We can dabble with resist techniques with wax, dip dyeing and blending or simply marvel at colors in full emersion. The possibilities are endless.


All dyes are safe and all materials are included. You may even be inspired once you leave to start growing some of the botanicals we will be using to do your own dyeing.


Because each registration is for 2 people (Mommy and a child), registration, spots are very limited. If you have more than one child please contact me directly.

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