Holding Screen for Kiln Frame Prime
Giddy behind the screen
Holding Screen for Kiln Frame Prime

At each stage of this kiln build I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited in any other future steps. Looking back at this cold day in November, warm enough to paint but excitedly shivering in the cold, I realized I had so many more moments and shots like this giddy one of me I’d send to my sisters. They are my cheerleaders as much happy for me as they are proud of my dad.

My vital role this day was anticipating where the wind was blowing and making sure it wouldn’t reach the cars. High temperature paint bond perfectly with the cars, so I stood behind large pieces of cardboard. Off in the distance, Fergus, our beloved Golden Retriever and Sadie, our Black Lab foster dog poked around wanting to know what all the buzz was about. I love that about them. So curious about what we’re doing at each step. Dogs are seriously just the best and they are certainly my comrades.

Prime Color
To this day, these rocks still show this line, unmoved and it makes me smile.
Not long after we primed the frame I left for an assignment in NYC for several months. It was not an easy assignment but through that hard time it made me remember what I was working for.
5 months later the final coat was added and it started to feel real.
Final Coat
Kiln frame as sculpture
A garden sculpture fit for Storm King. 

Up next — Adding the monstrous wheels and housing with ceramic board

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