Security indeed. I've put all my hopes into this fiber blanket though I have seen it in action from my time in Raku and having my mom alongside me. Somehow we were put on "tank" duty with the propane tank and witnesses firsthand just how efficiently it is in keeping all that wonderful heat contained. In that case it was a rudimentary design, something of a wire structure with a handle and blanket inside over a burner similar to what

With all pieces cut the welding expert will lock this design together. It's the end of November, 2016, only a few short days after Thanksgiving. Between sheets of rain, we packed the car with the cut steel frames and plans, en route to the welding studio just a short drive down the county road. As a craftsman I take great satisfaction watching a skill I admire and something if I had had enough time and credits would have pursued in art school.

Like most building projects, the gas kiln started and ended with a jig just right for the job.  When I was first asked what type of kiln I wanted I had only dreamy visions of what it would look like. I wanted the kiln to either look that of my first studio in Central NY; a large walk-in style with bricks laid and sealed at each use, or even better the classic grand piece of art and architecture with arched brickwork. And though, I know my

If I were to listen to my Dad, knowing he'd cringe seeing a picture of himself "online", I'd choose another image without him in it. But it would be like a missing brick to this project and nothing would hold firm if he wasn't a part of it. So whether he likes it or not, he became a part of this and I'll just either hope he never reads this or forgives me for the weakness of an admiring daughter. This has