Making Cuts for Kiln Chimney
High Temp Board and Square

The day this high temp board delivered to the house things started to come together and continued at a steady pace from that point on. I wished I captured those moments with the truck, missing the address in the enormous tracker trailer backwards a half-mile up our hill. I told the driver he was amazing and after commenting on the beautiful view at 1600′ that is our property admitted that was nothing. He’s driven through more complicated passes. Better him than me but I was so gratify to see that delivery arrive.

When I look back at how quickly my little house-on-fire was assembled, as I’m in some testing phases, I’m impressed in touching the outside walls of the kiln there’s not even a hint that a fire is roaring inside save the sound of the burners.

And after last summer lending a hand sheet rocking the guest room, it’s good comparison of what it feels like to cut through that board. Likely anyone that might wish to make this has probably tried their hand at that task.

Cutting High Temp Board on Sawhorse
Cutting High Temp Board
Just like cutting through sheetrock. Isoplan 750 board.
Making Cuts for Kiln Chimney
Setting the distance and marking where the chimney and burners will sit.
My dad in high fashion with a huge hole in his hat. It has since been duck taped. I really want to buy him a new hat but apparently it’s fix enough. How did I come from him? 🙂
Isoplan 750 High Temp Board
Power kiln with Fireboard complete

Up next — Blanketing the interior with fiber

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