Security indeed. I’ve put all my hopes into this fiber blanket though I have seen it in action from my time in Raku and having my mom alongside me. Somehow we were put on “tank” duty with the propane tank and witnesses firsthand just how efficiently it is in keeping all that wonderful heat contained. In that case it was a rudimentary design, something of a wire structure with a handle and blanket inside over a burner similar to what I have.

My extra security blanket I intend to make use in Raku too. But first things first, continuing on with the power kiln.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket Rolled

It’s amazing to think that this fiber blanket is anything but fluffy cotton candy or quilt batting. And it could be easy to overlook the silica inside this blanket that aids in fire retention, but you must not forget. While cutting, always wear a respirator. Though you don’t see it here, while cutting we both wore one. I plan on having my lungs for a long time and this can be a hazardous trade but it doesn’t have to be with an ounce of prevention.

Woven ceramic fiber blanket keeps the soft brick cushioned and helps disperse the heat evenly inside the kiln environment. And boy does it do both those jobs so very well.

Rolled Ceramic Fiber
We bought a few boxes of this. Enough that if I’d like to make a raku kiln down the road…
Measuring Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Fergus Looking On
Ole boy Fergus looking on. Those eyes never fail to melt my heart.
Cutting Ceramic Fiber Blanket

While cutting, always wear a respirator.

Final Blanket Measurement Kiln Floor
Taking the last measurements for the back.
Musing Next Step
Musing. Calculating brickwork for the next step.
For this part I was mostly documenting. The next step however I climbed into the kiln and started seeing this as my little house on fire. A tight squeeze, feet falling asleep, but never did I mind.

Up next — Bricklaying

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